This section contains presentations by the Office of Social Impact Investment and its partners at conferences and other events. 

A risk compass for optimising social outcome-based contracts: reflections from NSW impact investments

This presentation from the Government Outcomes Lab Social Outcomes Conference 2021 was presented by OSII to illustrate its risk framework through application to some of OSII’s investments, highlighting some of the recurring and higher impact risks and further considerations to manage them. Identifying risks and sharing learnings aims to enable future outcome-based contracts to be better placed for success.


Are we there yet? Reflections from the NSW Government on the journey towards outcome based contracting

This presentation from the Measuring & Evaluating Social Outcomes 2021 explores how the NSW Government as evolved its approach towards building impact measurement capability and building a market for outcomes with the social sector, with a specific focus on youth employment.


Outcomes Measurement for Social Enterprises & For Purpose Organisations

This presentation from the RISE Program Workshop Series explains how to develop a program logic and design outcome metrics as well as the relationship between outcome measurement and social impact investment.