Evaluation of the social impact investments

Evaluation is a critical part of NSW’s social impact bond trial. Principally, we want to know if the trial achieves its objectives to:

  • Increase funding for prevention and early intervention programs sustainably
  • Improve accountability for the effectiveness of expenditure on social services   
  • Catalyse the development of the social finance sector
  • Harness the innovation capacity of both investors and service providers
  • Improve the evidence base for, and focus on measuring the impact of, social services.

Our approach to evaluating the NSW social impact bond trial is to examine both the structure and the services of each bond from development to implementation. This includes assessing social outcomes for families that are not measured as part of the bond structures. This will result in multiple evaluations across the life of the trial, the results of which will be available on this site.

Social impact bond trial

The Newpin bond

The Benevolent Society bond

The Resolve bond