Launching SII Policy 2.0: Growing our impact

The Office of Social Impact Investment is pleased to announce the launch of the next iteration of the Social Impact Investment (SII) Policy, setting the vision to grow our impact for the people of NSW.

The NSW Government launched its inaugural SII Policy in 2015 – aimed at setting the foundations of SII for the State and catalysing Australia’s SII ecosystem.

The last seven years have proven that principles of SII – outcomes, innovation, prevention, and partnerships – can help address major social challenges and empower the people of NSW to live better lives, while also supporting a more sustainable fiscal environment.

This resulted in nine investments which, to date, have directly supported close to 9,000 people. We have also made a mark in the impact investment market through the NSW Sustainability Bond Programme.

But more remains to be done to realise the potential of SII.

Social Impact Investment Policy 2.0: Growing our impact sets out the vision for SII in NSW and comes with a promise to deliver more investments in a simpler way, enhancing our knowledge-base and knowledge-sharing practices, and building a more diverse impact investment ecosystem.

Exciting initiatives under our new SII Policy are underway! We look forward to working across the sectors to realise this vision by embedding innovation, prevention, partnerships, and an outcomes-focus at the heart of how NSW delivers social impact for the people of NSW.