OSII provides financial model template

To assist proponents in developing financial models for their social impact investment proposals, the Office of Social Impact Investment (OSII) has developed a financial model template (The Model).

The purpose of The Model is to support proponents to assess the feasibility of their proposed social impact investment and in particular, thinking through financial risks and returns to various stakeholders.

Use of The Model is optional. The Model is provided as a guide only and OSII remains open to submissions that propose alternative funding structures.

The Model contains two documents. One is a blank version of The Model, the other is a worked example.

OSII will be running a workshop to explain and go through The Model on 7 August 2017.

To attend the workshop please register RSVP by email. To ensure as many people as possible can access the workshop, please restrict attendance to one person per organisation.

OSII invites feedback and comment on The Model. Please email us your feedback. OSII may update The Model from time to time based on comments and feedback.