On TRACC Social Impact Investment

The On TRACC (Transition Reintegration and Community Connection) social impact investment , which started in September 2016, supported parolees to successfully reintegrate into the community following their release from prison.

It complemented existing support services for parolees provided by Corrective Services NSW.

It was envisaged that On TRACC will work with up to 3,900 parolees over five years. The program was jointly delivered by Australian Community Support Organisation (ACSO) and arbias. The program provided participating parolees with enhanced support and referral services for up to 12 months following their release.

The On TRACC social impact investment was a ‘payment by result’ contract. Under the arrangement, the National Australia Bank and ACSO provided the working capital, with government payments contingent on program performance.  

Infographic of the On TRACC investment

Following a review of Cohort 1, OnTRACC ended by mutual agreement in January 2019.  The review of Cohort 1 indicated that whilst there was a reduction, there was no statistical difference in the rate of re-incarceration between the treatment and comparative groups. 

For that reason, all parties mutually agreed to terminate this SII. The NSW Government remains committed to the SII approach as it allows evidence of what works to be collected and enable government to direct resources into areas where they can have the biggest impact. Lessons learnt have been explored to assist future decisions to benefit the community, the NSW Government, and investors in future SII activities.

The On TRACC investment Factsheet

An evaluation of the On TRACC Social Impact Investment

For more information on the OnTRACC social impact investment, please contact the Australian Community Support Organisation or arbias.