Foyer 51


Foyer51 will support vulnerable young people, aged 18-22, who have exited out-of-home care. The program will provide young people a safe and affordable place to live while they develop their skills to lead independent and fulfilling lives.

Foyer51 will contain 51 studio style apartments, with extensive communal areas. Foyer51’s mix of self-contained units and communal areas allow young people to learn how to live independently and positively contribute to a community. Foyer51 will be staffed 24/7 by professionally trained staff from Uniting, ensuring young people are safe and secure, and can readily access support when they need it. Young people will, on average, spend 18 months at Foyer51.

Foyer51 is modeled on a globally successful program and delivered at a critical development age, giving young people the chance to live an independent future.

Foyer51 will be located in Chippendale in a purpose-built centre. Construction is scheduled to begin in mid-2018, with the first intake of clients in 2020.

Foyer51 will be financed through a social benefit bond developed by Uniting, St George Community Housing and Social Ventures Australia in partnership with the Office of Social Impact Investment and the Department of Family and Community Services.

The bond will not be launched until the construction of the accommodation is nearing completion.

Foyer51 Factsheet